Choosing an adult dog

Why not chose to share your home with an adult dog?

There are lots of advantages to adopting an adult rather than a puppy:

Toilet trained – We find that older dogs are often already house-trained. If not, they are at least able to learn quickly.
Training – The more mature dogs may know basic commands, such as “sit,” “stay” and “down. and often will have grown out of the puppy chewing stage” “They normally know how to walk on a leash as the volunteers walk them each day.
Energy level – Adult dogs tend to be calmer whereas with puppies and adolescent dogs, their energy level can be more of an issue. Sometimes young dogs end up in shelters because their family just didn´t expect the dog to have so much energy.
Socialization – Adult dogs can usually handle people, other pets, cars and noises better than puppies.
Size – With older dogs, you already know their size and what they will look like, whereas with puppies sometimes it can be a gamble knowing the size that they will end up.