Christmas Event

Dee and Julie
Arranged a very successful ball at Marjal campsite in Catral; A lovely venue with great entertainment supplied by Rebecca Holt and Ed Williams. After a very successful night the two ladies came to the kennels to present the money to Kennel Manager, Julia. The money was handed over and it was time to have cuddles from some of the very happy residents who always give the best enthusiastic thanks

Nearly all of our shops had Christmas Hampers and some joined in the Best Window Display which made for a bit of fun and competition amongst the shops.

If you live in La Marina you will be aware that Linda Reed is continuing her S.A.T fundraising events. Please look out for her on FB and locally. Once again thank you Linda. Good luck

January brought FLOODS.. After a night spent walking up and down the kennel areas Julia decided to try and grab a few hours sleep but barely had her head hit the pillow when the dogs barking alerted her that all was not well. The electric had tripped so aided by nothing more than big wellington boots and a sturdy torch Julia waded her way to the bottom end. The poor dogs were hock high in water and barking their displeasure. Despite being on her own, Julia managed to move more or less half the dogs around so that they all were at least dry and could lie down in comfort even if some found themselves sharing for a day or two. In spite of the awful weather the staff made their way to work and battled torrential rain to feed and clean the dogs. If ever you were in doubt I can tell you we have the best staff and volunteers in Spain. Well done and thank you to everyone.

Marie Joy and Mike Davies – otherwise known as Mr & Mrs Entertainment
Although Mike and Marie had retired from Show business (raising countless thousands for S.A.T) and from running the furniture part of Salon Grande some time ago, they both still came to have a chat, laugh and the odd glass of champagne with their many friends. Marie’s laugh, her lilting Welsh accent and sing a long voice were as much a part of life as ever the show business was. It’s with great sadness we heard that one night, in January, she laid down to sleep and took her final curtain call. Sadly, less than two months later Mike also passed away.
Good night, God bless and thank you both.

The weather was not done with tormenting us. February winds tore the chimney down and took with it our internet and telephone service. But while the wind may have won the first round our internet provider soon had the kennels back on line and phone restored.

Originally came into the kennels as a 9 week old puppy and was adopted when he was 3 .5 months old. He was in that home until he was 11 months old when he was returned to the kennels after his owner had lost their job and had to return to their home country. That was back in August 2014, so after being with us for 2 years and 6 months, we are pleased to say that he has been adopted. We received this great photo from his new owners and a lovely message. They think he is wonderful, telling us ´how well behaved he is and a credit to us all´. He has obviously adapted to his new life very well.

We have great news. Little Ida will spend the rest of her life in a loving home. She is nearly 16 years old and has some health problems but that was what made her new family fall in love with her. They said she deserved to spend her remaining years in a loving home and we couldn´t agree more.

Sunday 23RD April 2017 at Salon Grande, San Miguel

All we hope for any of the dogs that come into our care is that they are adopted and spend the rest of their lives in a loving home. Very sadly this was not the case for Suzie.
Suzie originally came into the kennels in June 2005. She was a thin 3.5 month old puppy that was one of four puppies living in a drain. Suzie was a little nervous of new people and would need a caring family to give her all the time and attention she needed. We were pleased when she was adopted in February 2006 and the new owners telling us they understood she needed time. The new owners then decided that were not prepared to spend the time on a nervous dog so brought her back into the kennels 4 weeks later.
Another couple decided to adopt her in September 2006; although she could still be nervous but they told us that they would do all they could for her. You can imagine our surprise when they brought her back 4 months later, telling us she was too timid for them.
Every year we hoped that someone would come to the kennels and understand Suzie’s needs and adopt her. Unfortunately she would bark at anyone new and this would discourage a lot of people, if only someone could see past that and see the beautiful dog we saw every day. With us she was a happy, cheeky, playful, affectionate dog and everyone adored her. One look into her big brown eyes and your heart would melt.
Suzie was always a healthy girl but last year she was diagnosed with cancer which eventually took her life. She passed away at the end of last year and had been at the kennels, in total, just under 11 years. We had the pleasure of knowing this beautiful girl and she will always have a special place in all of our hearts.
Happy Sunbathing