(Dog)Food, glorious food!

On Tuesday 12 August SAT received a huge donation of premium quality dogfood as part of a programme benefitting dozens of protectoras across the country organised by the Rotary Club of Spain and made possible by the generosity of Alpha Spirit, who donated over 90 tons of dogfood, and Castillo Trans who have provided the transport and distribution free of charge. All in all, this remarkable programme is worth over 500,000€ and is the biggest donation in the history of the Rotary Club of Spain.

In our area the donations are being arranged by the Rotary Mediterranean e-Club, together with the clubs of Orihuela and Guardamar, who have selected the organisations that will be receiving the donations, with the transport and distribution provided by Castillo Trans.

We are enormously grateful to all the companies and organisations for providing such practical and valuable help for our dogs and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.