Buy a Brick!

S.A.T Animal Rescue, (Sociedad Protectora para Animales de Torrevieja) a registered Charity no: 3463, was founded in 1992 to help the abandoned dogs that are left injured, hurt and alone to die a very sad death. To date, since moving from Torrevieja to Dolores in 1999 and through the amazing efforts of all the staff and volunteers, we have successfully re-homed more than 8000 dogs.
For the last 8 years all our efforts have been put into, not only keeping the existing rescue centre going, but also in buying a new piece of land to build a much needed new Rescue Centre.

In 2009 S.A.T. purchased a 12,000m2 piece of land, located on the outskirts of San Isidro, surrounded by orange groves, tranquility and beautiful mountain range backdrop, for the purpose of building a new rescue centre. Unfortunately months turned into years applying and waiting for permissions and licences to be approved, costs increased in preparing the land and laying the foundations and in the end the work that had begun came to a halt. The land now sits waiting for the project to raise enough funds for work to begin again. It has been a gruelling, relentless battle over the years that has been overwhelming and tiring at times but we have never given up our vision and now everything is in place for the building work to finally get underway.

“Buy A Brick” Fund:
From the beginning of this project a “Buy A Brick” fund was launched with the idea that each donation, of €1, bought 1 brick for the construction of the new facilities. This has been fantastic, and to date has raised a wonderful 35,000€. But there is still a long way to go; 300,000€ is a large amount of money to raise but with your support it can be done so that construction can re-commence this year.

Yes, it seems a huge task! But we have every confidence that with all your support, we can make it happen.
How to do it?

…By spreading the word. We need as many people as possible to know about the “Buy A Brick” fund. In spreading the word we are hoping to touch the hearts of people out there and encouraging them to support the fund by making much needed donations.

One big push is what is needed. After 8 years of waiting, our furry friends would love to see the construction of their new facilities finally completed. After everything some of our ‘guests’have endured, often at the hands of those who show no mercy, it’s amazing that, against all the odds these dogs never give up the fight to survive their ordeals and in return give back love, forgiveness and trust.

Please spread the word so that we can accomplish this mammoth task ahead of us… Let’s finally see our long awaited new centre built and its guests in their new accommodation until they finally find the permanent and loving homes they deserve.