The S.A.T. Animal Rescue Newsletter – Doggy Digest – November 2015

La Marina hides a gem in the form of Linda Reed.

This lady has been hosting events for S.A.T. for quite a while now.

Last year 2014 she raised over €2.000 and she has beaten that amount in 2015. Linda also used to walk the dogs. Linda homed one of our dogs that has a special place in my heart. I cannot list all the events etc that she has hosted or taken part in as it would be a newsletter on its own.
Altogether an amazing lady. For the moment Linda is busy with other commitments but we hope to see her back in 2016. Thank you Linda you are truly a fun lady and much missed.

Thank you to Aloha restaurant for holding the Fun Race night from which Linda and her helpers raised €200 euros. Also on this night a presentation went to Ben and Lyndsey for completing the Madrid Marathon and raising a fabulous €1,950 euros

Together they ran this in just over 5 hours. We offered some dogs to run with them but the dogs declined. An amazing effort. Well done both and a huge thank you and to all who sponsored them.
26 miles in just over 5 hours!!! €1,950 raised.

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Friday 24th July was a very special day in the SAT calendar. Lluvia who had been at the kennel for 7 years 9 months was finally adopted.
She arrived at the kennels as a 5 month old puppy with a fractured leg but blossomed into a beautiful girl who became intelligent, funny, playful and affectionate but who everyone seemed to ignore. Some people are put off adopting dogs that have been at the kennels for a long time but her new owners found that more endearing and were happy to give her a home.
We knew that wherever Lluvia went she would adjust well and she definitely has in her new home; she has a new friend, Bob and they are the best of pals. Her owners say that she has settled in and it’s like she has been in her new home and with them forever and they are totally in love with her.

Of course we miss her, she has been a part of kennel life for such a long time but knowing that she has, at long last, been adopted and is enjoying a wonderful life with a loving family makes us all so happy.

This year our shops have had some major/minor changes

Benimar has been open now for one year. Los Montesinos Shop has new management owing to the sudden death of Maddie’s husband, Ray; Maddie took the decision to return to England. We wish her well and thank her for the support she has given S.A.T. through her own hard times.  Along with a new manager Montesinos has a new look. Go and have a look they will welcome you.

Almoradi has closed. The managers there also went back to the UK and S.A.T. decided to close because the Guardamar shop had the offer of much larger premises not far from the original shop. A few hectic weeks later and all the fixtures and fitting from Almoradi are now in the NEW Guardamar shop LOCATED AT Carrera Doctor Luis Rivera 7, opposite the SUMA office.

Most if not all of the shops need volunteers so if you are at a loose end and want to browse while selling, dusting and chatting to the customers please call in and leave your number.

We thought we had a new PR person but although she took, fortunately, a small amount of money with the promise of great things she disappeared leaving us with our hopes dashed and trust dented. Be on the lookout for a small person with big ideas that promises La Zenia is just the starting point.

HENRY when he first arrived at the kennels was in dire need of lifesaving treatment for various ailments.  This is HENRY less than one year later. Which one is Henry?? Can you see? He is now getting the life he should have. Henry has found a new home, a new master and a new love. They are now living the dream in Germany.

Love Story

Some months ago a little dog came into S.A.T. in not very good condition with skin problems and generally looking a bit sorry for himself. Although he still has a few problems he is now transformed into a very happy bouncy, do anything for a treat little dog.

One day he met a cute, black haired, stick thin little girl. Eric was smitten and put all his efforts into charming her. Poor little Poppet had a fractured rib, was extremely thin and had a nasty abscess on her side close to the fracture site. Eric would pursue her around giving smiley faces and generally trying to get on her good side. It did not take long before they were both running around together smiling; wagging tails and generally making everyone smile.

It was love, Eric had charmed the lady and she fell for his charms. After a little while Poppet had put on weight and generally looked much better with a shiny coat, long legs and a cheeky smile but still that horrible abscess would not heal.

Our vet, when he spayed her, opened up the abscess and cleaned it out really well. The spay operation went well, the abscess was thoroughly cleaned and he was about to close the wound when he saw a small dark mark which he investigated and managed to get hold of it. He was horrified to find as he pulled and pulled a 12 centimetre wooden bar-b-que stake was going straight through her tiny body. Whoever did this must have used considerable force to drive it through her, obviously not caring if it ruptured vital organs, which miraculously it did not. Although we think that is what fractured her tiny rib. As Poppet was barely wider than 12 centimetres when she came in we are amazed that it was not sticking out both sides.

No wonder the abscess would not heal! Jose Luis was so disgusted he took pictures of the stake and all of us who saw it were sickened that anyone could do that to any animal, let alone our happy cheeky little Poppet. I came out of the office feeling very sick and there, ready to greet me running around without a care in the world wagging her tail smiling fit to burst, was Poppet.

Once she has recovered fully we are all praying for another miracle. We hope and pray that someone somewhere will come along and home this pair of lovebirds together

New Kennel Update

Progress to the outsiders’ eye is very slow but for those of us who are charged with finding the money to run both the old kennels and the new it is a constant balancing act. All of the money from the shops, collection tins and kennel donations has to go towards the dogs and the old kennels

Events that are held by us or for us and the Buy a Brick campaign is the money which is funding this new enormous project.