The S.A.T. Animal Rescue Newsletter -Doggy Digest – 2016


Ibex and friends,”doing it for the dogs”!

Quesada to Benidorm Charity Bike Ride raised ……€3,266.43




The thermometer is climbing!

We are all very excited about our thermometer and hope to be able to fill in the middle regularly. Our buy a brick appeal of course is ongoing but now it will be reflected in the thermometer so we can all see the progress. All the shops have one so pop in and see.






ORLA. A stunning looking podenco who had been with us for over a year. Finally she has gone to a wonderful new home in Holland and has a doggy friend to keep her company. I do hope she sends a postcard when she has settled in


Community Service with a twist

Sometimes we have people volunteering for us who need to do it as part of their community service. This person who I will call “he” for ease had no idea that S.A.T existed. He was very interested in the rescue and while being shown around he produced his phone and showed a member of staff his dog that had gone missing some time earlier. He was very upset as you can imagine and said that he had looked everywhere but no luck.
The member of staff instantly recognised the dog. The dog was not chipped. He was asked why such a precious pet did not have a micro chip. He replied that the dog had had a problem in his neck for which he had received surgery and the vet was waiting for it to heal before inserting the chip. On the dogs records it was noted that he had a scar from recent surgery on his neck.
After a discreet chat with the kennel manager the member of staff took him to the play area where the dog was currently having a great time with his kennel mates.
The owner called him, at first the dog lowered his head and ears; he called again. The dog could not believe his luck and ran screaming and wagging his whole rear end and throwing himself at his owner, it was clear they were both equally delighted to be reunited. Such a happy ending and needless to say the dog now has a micro chip. But I think maybe although he enjoyed his stay with us he will stay closer to home from now on.

Linda Reed

Featured in a previous newsletter. This lady is multi talented and a great fundraiser for S.A.T. At the moment Linda is busy arranging several events Recently Linda had to take time off as she had a rather nasty accident. We are all glad she is back and raring to party.. Thank you Linda I had a fabulous night at the Sports Centre La Marina, well done.


Hobo, Slater & Adele


In the last  few months we have lost a few of our dogs mostly due to old age and the complications that brings. It’s never easy and although they were not in their own special homes they were special to us. We may not know their full life history but we know their recent history, likes, dislikes and funny little ways. Each and every one has left a mark on the kennel staff and volunteers. Run free ‘til we meet at rainbow bridge


A very happy ending!

Jake (Jacob) aged 17 years was brought into the kennels with Hobo aged 13 years. We were hoping neither of these two elderly gentlemen would have to spend their twilight years here at the kennels and someone would be willing to adopt them; sadly, only three weeks later, we lost Hobo but Jake was in good health, quite spritely and enjoying all the attention that he received. Unknown to us all good news was just around the corner and after only two months in our care Jake found that special home with special people who would give him everything that he needed to enjoy the rest of his life to the full.